You Are Not for Everyone! 

This revelation will revolutionize your life once attained in your conscience.  When this is comprehended both your outlook and outcome will be different.  

How does the understanding of a simple phrase change so much?  I’m glad you asked.

1.       The first thing to comprehend is that You are His! You were made in Gods image and after His likeness.  You were made for His purpose alone. He designed you specifically and intentionally and placed you in the earth for a precise time.  He is jealous for you and has no intention on sharing your purpose with anyone else.  He wants all of you all the time.  He wants your praise, worship and adoration! 

The truth is we all have our personal preference.  We have our favorite colors, our favorite type of cuisine, and our favorite brand of shoe.  When we choose a favorite it can be for a variety of reasons.  It is not always because we believe that it is the best brand or the cutest, but we still have an inclination towards it.  Baskin Robbins boast 32 flavors of Ice Cream and my preference happens to be Pecans Praline & Cream.  My husband prefers Cookies and Cream.  It is important to wrap you head around the fact that you are not everyone’s flavor.  They may not like how you look or what you are made of, but it is OK.  Because they are not your maker. They have no idea why you were put together the way you were or who you were put here to affect. 

When you learn to be fine with not receiving approval from everyone you encounter your life becomes less demanding.  

Meeting the demands of others will wear you out.  You cannot please all the people even some of the time and you cannot please some of the people all of the time.  People evolve and their expectations change.  There is no way to even attempt to keep up so do not try! 



2.       You have to live with you so you must be satisfied with yourself.  No matter who else accompanies you in life’s journey when you wake up in the morning it is your own conscious that you are greeted by.  My grandmother always said “you take you wherever you go”.  In other words it is your thoughts, decisions, actions that will determine how situations, conditions and experiences line up or collapse around you.  In the last moments of life it will be your life alone that you will reflect on to determine if it was well lived. 

For these reasons and more you must use your time to perfect you.  We all have flaws and areas of improvement.  Perhaps you would like to improve your communication skills, or maybe your outward appearance, or maybe you believe learning to play an instrument can enhance your life.  Whatever it is, do it!  Time will not stand still.  While you are busy trying to meet another man’s desires you are wasting precious moments. 


Everyone is not for you, and you do the most detriment to yourself by not being for you!  Don’t join in with the outliers.  You become your biggest supporter, cheerleader and advocate. 

Cheer yourself on daily to a lifetime of victory! 

Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 5

You have 1 job – Trust Him

Jesus said, “Be not afraid, only believe” (Mark 5 v. 36).  

Believing is critical to God.  It is the fundament of receiving salvation, or for that matter, anything from God.  Hebrews 11:6 tells us “And without faith it is impossible to please Him. For the one coming-to God must believe that He is, and He becomes the rewarder to the ones seeking Him out.”   

We serve a God who fights battles for us, blocks us from weaponry that is formed against us, provides us with goodness, commands blessings, empowers us to succeed, and loves us without condition.  He is our provider, sustainer, way maker, deliver, healer and so much more.  He gives us peace that exceeds our human consideration and joy that we cannot put into words! He offers wisdom and counsel and gives assurances that He will never abandon us.  He is all powerful and almighty yet full of gentleness and temperance.  He is and does so much for us yet all He ask of us is to believe, to trust Him.

Trusting Him means removing our own thoughts, standards and tactics from the equation.  Our calculations do not work like His.  Why? Because we do not know the God factor.  Remember in Algebra when you were looking for the unknown variable (n +7×3) = 29? God is the unknown in our equation.  We do not know how He is going to work a situation out, but we know that He will.  We do not know when our situation is going to change, we just know it will!  He has means beyond what we have knowledge of or can even fathom.  He is a miracle worker! A miracle is an event not explainable by natural or scientific laws.  It is an extraordinary happening manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.  Miracles cannot be explained but they require ultimate trust. 

Before you leave your house relax in the knowledge that you just have one job.  Your only requirement in the success of your day is to trust the one who can be described as “Well able”!  Face the day with ultimate confidence knowing that God has your back and will bring into fruition what He began in your day! 

Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 4

You are Loved 

Love is an amazing thing. It is described as an intense feeling of deep affection. But anyone who has ever experienced it knows that real love is hard to put into words.  What is not hard to put into words is the strength of love.  Song of Solomon tells us that “many rivers cannot quench love”.  And in beautiful speech God tells us how profound and robust is love is for us throughout the scriptures.  The love of God was proved to be so full and encompassing to the Apostle Paul that it he declared full confidence that there is absolutely no thing that could detach us from His great love.  

There is nothing so wrong that we can do that will cause a disconnection, stoppage or interruption.  Even when we stop loving Him, He cannot be deterred.  

The love between the Creator and his creation is called Agape.  It is a universal, unconditional love that surpasses and perseveres regardless of context, framework, or incident.  His love transcends feelings, passions, desire and sentiments and is simply just because I do and I want to.   It does not take account of anyone else’s opinion, judgement or ideas.  There is no reason that can add validity to why or why not.  He simply feels the way He does about what He made and no one can change His mind or His will.  

To be loved by man feels good, but to be loved by God is astonishing! There are no lyrics that can describe what this love provides to the recipient.  It is simply astounding! Not breathtaking, but breathgiving! 

From the first breath that He breathed into man that caused us to become living beings to the breath that over 700 billion people inhale and exhale daily His love persist.  Through the good, bad and ugly He stands with outstretched arms and open heart towards us! 

To understand the heights and depths of His love for us will take an eternity, but just to know it is ALL yours is enough to face the day! Knowing that you will always be loved by the almighty God should energize you and propel you toward your purpose.  Close the door behind you and see what God has prepared for today!

Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 3

Your Benefits 

Psalm 68:19 advises “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.”  In the The Passion Translation (TPT) it reads “19 What a glorious God! He gives us salvation over and over, then daily he carries our burdens! 

Indeed salvation is an important benefit.  Its value is often underrated due to the great God that we serve who is unrestrained in love, grace and gives us mercy so freely.   Because of the gift of God it seems we forget the wages of sin is death. [Romans 6:23].   The gift of salvation is our way of escape.  We no longer have to face the doom and gloom that we were headed for.  Instead we have been rescued from a lifestyle of missing the mark.  That is indeed good news to be aware of before facing the day!  But we must take it a step further because it is not just the initial salvation that is a part of your benefits package.  It is the daily liberation and salvaging that He provides for us.  He saves us from our corrupt thoughts regarding ourselves and peers.  He saves us from our low self-esteem and feelings of defeat! He saves us from wandering back into bad associations and crooked undertakings.  He saves us from walking into pits set before us by our enemy.  I cannot count the number of times or ways in which I have received His glorious salvation! 

And in case you thought you were on your last chance, that you had broken the last straw please be delighted to know that the benefit package that God supplies us with has no expiration and it is loaded up daily!  If you use up everything he gave on yesterday do not worry, fear or fret!  There is more supply waiting for you tomorrow.  This benefit package does not require you to satisfy a certain percentage first.  There is no deductible!  It also does not require for you to give anything in advance as there is no co-payment.  

You can and should walk out the door ready to face whatever is facing you because your benefits heavy! You’re loaded and no one can take them from you!