To be empowered is to be authorized; sanctioned; enabled.  When you know you have the right to be somewhere or to use equipment or to give orders there is a boldness that encompasses your actions.  

A teacher stands in the front of her class and takes charge because her degree and hiring manager has empowered her to be there.  

A preacher stands and proclaims the word of the Lord to a sanctuary of congregants because He has been given a word from the Lord to promulgate. 

A parent feels ok telling her child to clean their room and take out the trash because “they pay the cost to be the boss” and this permits them to determine what goes on in their dwelling. 

I’m here to tell you woman of God that you have been empowered by the almighty God to stand in the position (be it a board room, classroom or bedroom) that he placed you in.  

From the beginning the blessing was declared on mankind. The blessing of and from God is the empowerment from our Father for success! Our success is shown through following his instructions to be fruitful, multiply and subdue with the dominion we were given.

Empowered people are bold and purposeful. They are so because whether it’s been given or earned they understand the rights that have been given.  

Woman of God I charge you to walk in the endowment you’ve been given.  You have the right to stand tall and stride long because you are the daughter of the King.  His desire for you always is to be affluent and strong. Please know that you are powerful beyond measure. Remember you’ve been given dominion. Contrary to what it appears you have been given an advantage, don’t be afraid to use it.  

Empowerment is a gift.  Don’t let anyone make you think you have to earn it. It comes down from our Father and He knows how to give the ultimate gift, his presence.  For in his presence is all the things we need.  And in the place of his authority pleasures are provided infinity.  Psalm 16:11 “For in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

I encourage you today to own your empowerment.  Walk boldly and bravely. Stand in confidence and comfort.  Move with drive and determination.  Position yourself in purpose and perseverance. Know that you are unstoppable and unbelievably ready for all that God has for you today! 


I am constantly being upgraded, I walk in honor, I am increasing daily and have all the aid I need always.  I am fearless and mobile, I am defined and approved. I speak the truth in love, and am understood and manage my affairs properly and proficiently. 

I refuse to be sidelined, branded, stopped, threatened, categorized, disapproved, endured, amended, miscalculated, mistreated, and mishandled.

I am SHE, Savvy, Humble and Empowered.

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