Savvy means to be shrewd. A savvy woman will be knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment. In our world it appears that good judgement is far gone. In fact a friend recently sent me an obituary for Common Sense.  Nevertheless we must continue on in the life we were provided forging full speed ahead. Because our life differs from that of the world we will often times be considered strange, old fashioned, or just plain weird, but don’t let this discourage you.  God has already let us know that we are a “peculiar people”.  1 Peter 2:9 

A Savvy woman does not: doubt, fear, or make comparisons.  She operates according to what her Lord has said about her, knowing that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14. She understands that she has not been given the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind and that she is a one of a kind original and there is not another copy of her. She realizes that she is exclusively made and therefore; distinctively loved by the true and living and only God! 

Abigail is a young woman in the bible who is described as beautiful and also shrewd. When given the information of her husband’s ill judgement she strategizes and implements a plan to save not only herself, but her entire household. She also determined that she was not pleased with the situation she found herself in and engaged in business that changed her circumstance altogether. By the time this particular story ends Abigail is on a new path never to return to her former condition again. 

Lydia is described in Acts 16 as a seller of purple. We know through research that she was a business woman who sold luxury textiles dyed purple. Only the affluent and elite wore garments dyed due to the expense of the dye excreted from mollusks. We know that Lydia’s business made her wealthy due to the fact that she was the owner and mistress of her own home. Clearly her business acumen conveys her shrewdness, but further her great hospitality and support of the Apostle Paul and his ministry tells of her good judgement to invest in the work of God. Her savvy also caused her to be brave as it is recorded that she held meetings in her home as this was the gathering place of the church at Philippi. 

These women were both business and spiritually savvy.  They paired their natural insight with the spiritual and changed their own lives as well as the lives of multitudes of others. 

We should be proud to be a shrewd! It is not the description of an old, drawn up bitter woman, but a narrative of an educated, in the know, perceptive woman who is ready to tackle her opponent and conqueror in life! 

A shrewd woman understands the importance of knowing and engaging the word of God in every aspect of life. If we don’t know His word we can’t stand in his will.  If we can’t stand in his will we won’t walk in his way.  Joshua 1:8 advises us not toallow the book of the law to depart from our mouth but to meditate on it both day and night. Then our way shall be prosperous and then we shall have good success.  A savvy woman’s approach, methods and system for living will cause her to be successful in this life and ready for the world to come!

Savviness must be tied to Humbleness.

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