Unseen Beauty

I love the beauty of fall. Watching the leaves reveal the various shades of yellows, orange and red is spectacular to observe.

The thing about this part of fall is that it’s short lived. The array of colors are the final glory of nature before every thing becomes bare.

The picture in this post was taken by a neighbor who traveled down a nearby road that I went down once and proclaimed I would NEVER travel again.

You see this road is extremely narrow and should (in my opinion) be a one way.

The onetime I took this road I was driving a large SUV and encountered another large vehicle. We could not pass each other because of the width of the road, so I had to back up until we came to a place in the road that was wide enough for both vehicles.

I was not a happy driver (as backing on a narrow road in a large vehicle is not my favorite thing to do). But I digress.

When I saw the photos I remembered how untouched the surroundings were and how extremely beautiful the foliage.

How many times do we keep ourselves from beautiful things because we had a hard time and experienced a little anxiety the last time?

Why do we make permanent decisions after one attempt?

There are some things that are worth a second chance, another try.

Perhaps there’s another way to see it or to get through. You don’t have to drive every road. Sometimes we should get out and walk. Slow things down and observe at another level.

We must not allow one experience to frame our lives and keep us from the beauty that is only hidden from us because of the decisions we choose.

Get out there, the unseen awaits!

Photo credits go to Tony Paulk

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