There’s a stranger in my house

There’s a stranger on my house was a song made popular by the R&B artist Tamia in the year 2000. The lyrics describe a man who has changed to the point that he becomes unrecognizable though action towards his spouse.  The song flips when the woman determines that maybe she is the one who has made the change and that’s why his actions are no longer satisfying.  

As women there are various stimuli that will cause amendments in our lives as we become seasoned. Internally we are changing month by month and year by year.  Externally we experience provocations in life as we are educated, working, married, single, raising children, assisting our parents, doing the work of the ministry, being sisters, and friends that will bring on metamorphosis. 

The woman I was at 20 and the woman I am now are totally different and probably wouldn’t get along very well.  

One is eager, but unlearned while the other is still hopeful but has wisdom.  One is often deterred or spurred on by the opinions of people while the other understands quite well that opinions come in several shapes and sizes, but rarely fit.  

For me there was a clear period in life when I became fuller aware that I had changed. Some time in my 31st year I observed that I really understood who I am as an individual.  I came to terms with what I enjoyed, the environments I would or would not be in, the type of people I desired to be around, the things I would or would not tolerate. In the world’s terminology I would say that “I found myself” all though I was never lost. 

From the outside it may have appeared that there was a stranger in my house, because I no longer tried to keep up or show up when it did not fit who I was. At times I would even say to myself, “you used to like that”, and “remember how you loved to go there?” But I realized that things in me had changed and there was no backing away from it. 

Mark 12:29 says “Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house.

Sometimes the strong man is your will. Your determination to remain the same although you’ve had an experience that triggered you to know better, see differently and desire more! The new and improved you may have to fight and conquer the old you in order for your destiny to come to fruition. In this case, a home invasion is necessary!

Recognize the changes in you. Be proud of the woman you’ve become.  Leave the past behind. Be watchful and diligent. Protect your greatest commodity, yourself. 

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