Choices Part II

For the last year we’ve been traveling to see my FIL twice a month due to his age and condition.

We take the same route each time, 79 North to 70 West and 77 North to destination.

Overtime the dips, twist and curves and even the police hideouts become well known.

You become familiar with the road signs, the rest areas and even the foliage; however in spite of the familiarity there is nothing that can be done to shorten the trip, you must drive each mile of the route in order to get there.

At each junction where the interstate connects with a new interstate course  there is a choice to be made. You can choose to take the North bound or the south bound way or head in a totally different direction.

The signs will tell you to make a left or right in order to get on the selected road and may indicate how many miles until you make the turn; they can instruct you, but can not make the decision for you.

If you choose to go north or south, east or west there is a town, city or village that awaits.

There may be fun and exciting things to do, interesting people to meet, and places to learn new facts, but you won’t get to your destination taking just any route.  There are precise pathways that lead to exact end points and purposes; therefore, we cannot be distracted else we get off track.

When traveling the road of life we must be attentive.  We can not loose our focus when things become common. We cannot become distracted in the mundane parts of our journey.

I will admit I  have zoned out while driving a well known road before and cannot remember anything that happened on the drive. We must not permit diversions to rob us from the wonders around us.

If we do not make the correct choice at the right time we lose our way. We miss exits and become lost. This delays the trip; however being lost does not equal a total loss! Thankfully, we can be rerouted! You can ALWAYS begin again!

If you find yourself off the course, start from your current state, refocus on your destination, chart the path, and begin moving in that direction!

Choices are important. We must remain aware and advised of road conditions. Sometimes on our journey there will be construction and detours. We can not become relaxed because relaxation reduces us.

Know where your headed, stay the course, be observant, make correct choices in precise times and above all, enjoy the ride!

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