Preparing for Take-off

If you have taken a flight this picture looks familiar to you.

It is the final walk to get to the plane that is prepared to deliver you to the destination of choice.

On this walk you will encounter people you do not know, but who are headed in the same direction and also attendants who aim to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

Multiple steps were taken to bring you to the place of soaring! A ticket purchased, selecting clothing and packing, a drive to the airport or shuttle service, check-in, TSA checks, and the final check-in at the gate.

Without the preparation you cannot board the plane.

The same is true in life. There are steps that must be taken to get to your destiny. Before you take-off there are things you must take-off.

When going through TSA checks we must remove what we are carrying (purses, carry-on luggage, laptops) for a review by security professionals. This is done to ensure the safety of every one around.

We should take the time to evaluate the baggage we have carried for many years. Hurt, disappointment, misunderstanding, bitterness and frustration are just some things we should remove due to their capacity to harm both those we encounter and ourselves.

We should travel light with an understanding that we will not need the items we need where we came from.

In preparation to take-off leave your old mindset on the ground. You will see differently as you rise. Therefore, what you knew and how you thought will not mean the same or make sense. Your new outlook will make what seemed big and overwhelming before appear minute and unchallenging.

The preparation is a large part of the journey, but it must be done. Work through it with the knowledge that soon you can sit back and relax while being flown into your destiny!

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  1. Small stores like these make so much sense and the only hard part is to realize when you’re going through that it’s only a test or turbulence 😉

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