The Right Response

Luke 1:38 Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to do whatever he wants. May everything you said come true.” And then the angel disappeared. TLB

There will never be another virgin birth so we do not have to worry about being confronted by an angel with the message that we are to deliver the Messiah. However, God is still speaking and asking our assistance in bringing joy and hope to the world around us.

The task Mary was selected for was daunting and unexplainable (seeing that it had never happened before). On top of the fact that this was an extraordinary fete, Mary was young and inexperienced. She had not developed a skill set, or educated herself in this area so it all seemed foreign.

But, Mary teaches us all how to respond when God shows us wanting to stretch us!

Mary starts with acknowledging her position and not her perspective. I am the Lord’s servant. She declared that she was here to assist and bring to pass the will of God. She recognized her place as His helper and accepted the great responsibility that came with the assignment.

She did not bring up the fact that she was engaged to be married and this would probably cause a big issue! Or that no one would really believe that she was with child by way of the Holy Spirit!

She counted it a privilege and honor that the Almighty, most High God would choose her.

Secondly, she stated her obedience. I am willing to do whatever he wants.

When we receive instruction from our natural parents, coaches, or boss the last thing they want to hear is a rebuttal. They want to know that you are willing to go along with the directive, play, and mandate. When God speaks it’s because He’s ready for action. He’s the greatest strategist of all; so please understand that the plan is thorough. Our part is not to pick it apart, nor add to it. We must take a Nike stance and “Just do it”!

Lastly, she agreed with the word of God. May everything you said come true. The power of agreement is amazingly powerful! It is how we get the Holy Spirit activated. In the Holy Spirits major work on earth we see the principle of agreement at work.

In Genesis God said “Let us make man”. The triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) came into agreement and the rest is history. [Genesis 1:26]

When Mary came into agreement with the word spoken to her, the Holy Spirit came upon her just as was spoken.

In Acts 2 the saints were gathered in the same place at the same time and were on one accord (in agreement) and the Holy Spirit showed up and set upon each of them.

It is important when the message from God comes to not just respond, but to have the right response.

What he says will stretch you. It may make you feel burdened at times, but just know it will work out for your good. There is a reward and great recompense coming your way when your answer is Yes Lord, I will.

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