The Burden of Buying

I think she will like this? Green is her favorite color, right? I hope he does not have one of these. Well everyone can use another so it will not go to waste. If they do not want it perhaps they can regift it. They should be glad that I thought of them at all!

Oh the joys of Holiday shopping. What starts with a happy thought ” I want to be a blessing” often ends with “they better be grateful they are getting something from me”.

The pressures we place on ourselves and others during this season are unnecessary and unintended. The burden of buying is the cause of stress, strain and separation.

The reason for celebrating is the birth of our Messiah. It is the acknowledgement of the fulfillment of a promise which illicit great joy and hope for the future.

We give to those we love because God gave his best gift, His presence, Emmanuel, God with us!

Unfortunately, for many Christmas has become about pleasing others rather than enjoying His company. We attend Christmas parties, concern ourselves with what we will wear, if people will like our potluck, but not give consideration to is Christ satisfied.

Spending time in His presence is the ultimate stress relief. He refocuses our thoughts and aligns our steps back to the correct pathway for this journey. He restores our souls and gives our mind, will and emotions the healing and reconditioning needed to thrive. He refuels us providing the boost we need to “run on and see what the end is going to be!”

When we are refocused, restored and refueled we see through correct lenses. Our understanding is enlightened to know that the burden should not be on buying, but on giving! This giving does not require money, but it will require time and effort! It is the ultimate gift exchange. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

In the days ahead direct your attention on doing what God did, giving His son! It will be the best gift you ever give!

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