He Is

This time of year causes moments of reflection and I just wanted to take a moment to honor my husband, father and son! My “He’s”

To Joe T., Kirk Sr., and Kirk Jr.

His strength is unparalleled

Bred for centuries to carry a nation on his back

Bound and yoked he became the backbone of a country

His only compensation a beating and the fierce love of His woman


His passion is unequalled

Working beyond completion ensuring production and progress of a land forced to be his home

All while providing the love and intimacy needed to increase the only product that would love him back- a family


His spirit is resilient

Bouncing back time after time from consistent rejection

Without the recompense for the relentless toil, unpaid labor and irrefutable damages done to his personhood


His light

Continues to shine and blind as he demonstrates his indissoluble will

He presses forward defying the odds, shattering statistics and breaking records


His beauty is external

But far surpasses the realms of natural  

He is indestructible, unstoppable, brilliant and dazzling


I am

His queen, his constant support, his prayer warrior and friend

I am

Grateful and thankful he is mine

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