Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

This time of year brings excitement because of the Christmas celebration and then just a week later a new year begins.

Many people begin their preparation for the last week of the year in January. Some even begin the day after the holiday! The stores are as packed on the days after Christmas as they were the days prior with folks looking for deals for next year’s presents.

Preparing and proper planning are good things that will bring wonderful rewards and is advised for every aspect of life; however what you’re preparing for is of greater importance.

Evil schemes and plots take time, thought and tenacity to accomplish just as planning something sweet and noble like a wedding or graduation party. Premeditated crimes can cause severe and non-gracious judgements because of the deliberateness of the attack.

In the book of beginnings, Genesis, God speaks about the coming Messiah. He declared with his mouth that a Savior was coming to provide deliverance and rescue to mankind. Multiple centuries later we read about the birth of the Messiah.

Many things transpired between the spoken word and the manifestation of the word in the flesh; however, as we read the pages of the Old Testament text, we see the profound preparation and great thought that went into the fruition of God’s word.

The women chosen to bring forth the Christ were specifically selected.  None of them were princess or considered extraordinary in the sight of men. Two were of foreign descent, one was a harlot, and another played a harlot.  Does not sound like people we would choose to bring forth a plan, but it was not hit-or-miss to God. He wanted to demonstrate that all genders, ethnicities and classes were important to him and a part of His royal family.

There were many kings some good and some bad.  Many prophets who proclaimed the word of God and warnings to prepare for invasions and desolation if the path of God was not followed.  There were times of bondage and captivity. All of this set-in order to bring forth the fulfillment of prophecy at the fullness of time.

As you move into the final days of 2018 look back and see the precision of God in ordering your steps according to His will.  Looking ahead be purposeful with your planning making sure that your will aligns with his prepared plan for your life!

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