Practical Advice For the New Year

The turning of the year brings with it new hopes and expectations for greater experiences, more opportunities and increase.

It would be wonderful if these things were built in, ready, set to go when the clock chimes twelve on 1 January; however, we know that is not the case.

Here’s a little advice to help you navigate in 2019.

1. Set boundaries

Boundaries are necessary. They mark territory and provide protection. All relationships need delimiters. When perimeters have been defined expectations are also set. This eliminates assumptions. When everyone is on the same page the journey moves along smoothly.

2. Stop playing the fool

“Everybody Plays the Fool” is the title of a popular song written by J.R. Bailey, Rudy Clark and Ken Williams and made popular by the group Main Ingredient. The song tells us that “everybody plays the fool sometimes, there’s no exception to the rule.” We can admit we have been foolish, but we do not have to continue. We have to understand that it does not serve the purpose of our life being either a puppet for someone or being the fool attempting to control and manipulate someone else.

My grandmother, Lula Mae, used to say “I love you, but I won’t be a fool about you.” In 2019 we should prescribe to this principal. Love and foolishness DO NOT go together. However, love and respect are great partners as well as love and appreciation, and love and truth.

3. Aspire Advancement

Standing in the same spot for lengthy amounts of time can be torturous. Most people become extremely bored, your legs get tired and your curiosity of what is going on around you becomes a provoking force. This is why it is used for punishment.

In 2019 we must seek to get out of the corner! Whether it be on our jobs, relationships, or other aspects of our personal lives! Let 2019 be a year of growth and expansion.

Stretching ourselves does not take extreme amounts of time or energy, but it does take a commitment. Start small by doing some of the following ideas:

Read a new book. Go to a new bookstore or get a library card and download them for free! Lots of workplaces have subscriptions to online libraries and training to enhance your knowledge of applicable techniques and areas of needful work experience.

Explore new destinations. It can be an exotic far away place, but it can also be in your city or the next town over. I have lived in WV all of my life and still have much more to see).

Learn a new skill. If you have always wanted to learn to sew, cook gourmet, paint or swim, take a class. You are not to old and it is never too late!

Tune in next post for more advice to make 2019 a fantastic year!

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