Practical Advice For the New Year Part 2

If you are reading this you have arrived in a new calendar year. It is officially 2019.

Today will be spent resting from the activities leading up to the “ball drop” and perhaps cleaning up from a New Years Eve event.

Let’s also use the first few days to clean the cobwebs from our minds. Take the duster out and sweep away old thought systems that immobilize and hinder progress.

Dust builds up quickly and shows up in the same spaces; therefore, if it is not removed weekly it stacks up. So, by this time of year the dust mounds in your mind are recognizable and are more than likely causing you issues.

When dusting a corner in a home or office an inventory of individual dust particles is not taken; but a clean sweep is done.

The same should be done with the thoughts that you are holding onto that have not brought increase or enjoyment to your life.

In the new year do not allow room for opinions of others or ideas that do not better you. When you clear out the old you make capacity for additional greatness; so, do not delay. Get to it!

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Practical Advice For the New Year Part 2

  1. What a great way to kick off the new year thank you I will definitely be mindful to daily apply this practice

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