Ready, Set, No

It is said that a baby can understand the word “no” from around the 6 month mark.  My son learned to say the word “no” very early on in the development of his speaking skills.  Clearly, the word “no” is a part of our language and lives from the beginning; however, in our adult lives it is one of the hardest words for us to express to those around us. 

Having a hard time telling others “no” becomes extremely problematic because it can stop the progress that you have planned and prepared for.  

How many times have you planned to go somewhere, or buy yourself something or attend an event, but a family member or friend calls with a “crisis”  needing a ride, or require you to come with assistance in the form of yourself or your money? The truth of the matter is that in most cases you did not want to go, help or provide, but you did it out of obligations to other family members, or because you did not want to appear selfish, or you did not want to hear the thoughts of others concerning the situation.

To be clear, I am not referring to an occasional, once a year, or a true emergency condition.  It is good to be there for friends and family and even total strangers at critical points in time.  I firmly believe that the blessing and reaping for supporting those in need will be rewarded by God above; but you cannot allow others to spitefully use you.  

We must be cautious of what we allow in our lives.  There are some who would plan your day and calculate your finances to suit and benefit them.  I am not suggesting you cut these folks off, but I am providing a word of caution.  Be aware of their motives. 

Do not allow any one or anything to put you out so far that you must take additional steps and use supplementary means to arrive at your starting block again.  

During the holiday season we played board games with friends. Often a card would direct the player to take steps back instead of forward when a question was not answered correctly.  In the case of the game the player controlled the direction and determined whether there would be an advancement or digression, and the same is true in life. Do not allow the wrong answer to propel you backwards. “No” does not seem like it but is frequently the correct answer. 

Your “No” can put you in the position to “Go”.  Do not be afraid to say it!  And remember your “no” is not just for people, but for any condition that hampers you from making forward moves. 

Tune in for Part II No Means No

4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, No

  1. This word is so on point! I am sharing this with my loved ones Thank you for being who God made you 💃🏿💙💃🏿


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