No Means No

How many times have you determined an event, request or relationship did not fit your schedule or enhance your life and finally became bold enough to say “No”; but, relented because of pressure from others?

Why do we go against our own decisions to please someone else? To make another’s day is easier and simpler while making ours more complicated?

Why is it so hard for us to use a two letter word that everyone knows the meaning of?The word “No” has taken on a negative connotation. It is thought of by both children and adults as being a mean and disgruntled word. The user is thought to be thoughtless, ofttimes cruel and inconsiderate. Regardless of the thoughts the word “no” conjures in your mind it is a vital part of our language and equally critical to our well being!

We should be encouraged to say “no” when a request does not meet the schedule or more importantly the standard of our day. Our well being is as important as anyone else’s and must be prioritized as such.

When we finally get the courage to voice what we have been feeling then we must follow through.

We use the phrase “no means no” in discussion to symbolize that we will not backpedal on our choice, that we stand by our decision. We think this is regarding others; however, the first person we must convince and stand up to is ourself.

Be bold and incessant concerning your election to prioritize your responsibilities, agenda and well being and do not withdrawal .

Remind yourself over and over that “no means no”. Stand firm and be steadfast. You will eventually grow accustomed to saying “no” when it is not beneficial to you. The peace you receive will change your existence for the better.

Make the change! Add “no” to your vocabulary and watch 2019 become some of the best days of your life!

5 thoughts on “No Means No

  1. Amen and BRAVO!! I am just learning how and you are totally right ! It is very liberating thank you for.articulating

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