The Ultimate Love Letter

I heard something on the news this morning that caught my attention. Jenna Bush Hager stated that studies show that love letters can fill you up for over a month advising that your emotional state will remain positive for weeks at a time after reading good tidings from loved ones.

I have written several love letters and have been the recipient of a few and can testify that they definitely warm your heart as well as provide greater insight into the true feelings of the giver.

The love letter of all love letters is available to all and has been compiled in one (typically leather bound) collection.

The one who loves us completely and deeply without conditions has given us pages and pages of expressions of what He did to win us to Him, His thoughts toward us and His plans for our futures together!

In Jeremiah 31 he tells us that His love is everlasting. In Zephaniah he tells us that He takes great delight in us and rejoices over us with singing. In Ephesians he says how great His love is for us and Romans 8 he lets us know that there is no one or thing that can separate us from His love!

This love letter was meant to boost your esteem and raise your level of awareness of how lovable you are!

This week get into your love letter! Crack it open and experience the elation and peace that it brings. Fall in love again with the one who “will never leave your or forsake you”. Trust His words and bask in its greatness!

One thought on “The Ultimate Love Letter

  1. “Sing with me How Great is thy love… “ So Many come to mind ; Pa 91 lets me know just how great His love for me is! What a wonderful reminder


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