True Unity

I wish folks would stop saying that we are more alike than we are different.  Because I believe it is a lie we tell ourselves so that we do not have to pursue true unity.  We like to point out how we are alike so we do not have to embrace our differences!

The fact is that “Unity” doesn’t require sameness.  But, the power of unity is its ability to bring together various diversities under the roof of the house called harmony.

We all see unity displayed every day in common things, but still seem to want to redefine it in order to rationalize our inability to operate in it.

A pie graph would be ineffective if it failed to show data in different colors and pie slices in different sizes to represent the varying percentages.  Words are combinations of multiple letters with different shapes and multiple sounds.  Logos are symbols and designs put together to represent an organization, brand, or product. Music is the arrangement of different notes some flat and some sharp played fast and slow in culmination to release a melodious sound.    All of the aforementioned things visually and or audibly display unity by presenting different objects and items being united and joined as a whole.

Our resemblances do not warrant pursuit nor celebration. We are human, most of us come with 206 bones, and we all bleed red.  These are common to mankind.  But the fact that there are so many shades of skin from the darkest brown to the lightest of hues, some rich and full of pigmentation while others have none; now that is something to marvel at and rejoice in! 

We ARE different and it shows!  Why seek to conform when we were thought out and perfectly made? It was by design that my hair is so curly it shrinks and that my skin is the color of rich earth.  I value what my creator put together and will never look down at what He thought worthy of His time and creative energy!  You should feel the same!

There is much to gain in unity.  There are great fetes that can be accomplished if all mankind respected the differences of our fellow man without an expectation of some shrinking in the face of others.  Embrace the fact that I clap on the 2 and 4 and when I hear a good beat my feet automatically start moving. Don’t try to make me feel self-conscious when I laugh out loud or speak louder and move my hand with passion as I tell my story.  It’s who I am and how I live.  Take it all in.  It may not be your choice, but do not announce that it is wrong or less than.    Don’t make up a narrative that says I’m improper and undignified. 

I’ll respect your quiet, serene composure, and what appears to me to be emotionless ways as well.  When we unify your 1 and 3 added to my 2 and 4 means that we will never miss a beat.

If you let me in I will attempt to understand the things that are so distant from what I have always known.  There are worlds inside of the world filled with the productivity that only arrays of cultures can yield. This is what America is supposed to display.

I challenge us to learn more about those who do not look like, sound like, think like, or speak like us. Let’s stop talking about how we are similar and take the time to get to know what makes us valuable- our differences!  

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