A Chance

I am not asking for special favors or privileges extended

I am just asking for you to look at me through unbiased lenses

I am looking for an opportunity to operate with integrity and function in my skill

I am not understanding why me being me seems like a violation of your will

Why is what I bring to the table not welcome on your plate

Is it that you feel my uniqueness and brilliance in the room your presence will negate

Is it because when you finally pry the door open we not only run in

But in a one on one battle we decisively win?

In basketball and football we dominated

And my devoted sisters are now the most educated!

We are innovative, creative and very resourceful

Despite of the world around us describing our understanding as being void and null

I am not asking for accolades

Only acknowledgement of who I am

An intelligent and inspiring person who is

demanding the basics

And that is simply a chance!

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