Updating Your Preferences

Somewhere along the way we were told that we cannot change what we like.  Someone impressed upon us once your preferences are declared they can never be altered. I do not know who disseminated that thought system, but I am here to tell you otherwise.

We are constantly developing.  Science confirms that our sense of smell and taste change as we age.  It also informs that are body has the ability to adapt based on external stimuli such as our environment.  Blood vessels constrict in cold weather to help conserve body heat, and the body redistributes blood throughout the body when it is in high altitudes to decrease the amount of blood to digestive organs and increases blood flow to the brain, heart and lungs to protect the vital organs. Change occurs autonomously in our bodies to provide the best result for our wellbeing. 

As we become more aware of the world around us through travel, technological advances and our personal contact with diverse cultures and ethnicities we are exposed to new things in every capacity.  New flowers, insects, fruits, clothing, food choices, landscapes, languages, etc. The knowledge of new things grants us the ability to make modifications to what we prefer due to the enormity of selections. 

When I was young my favorite color was cornflower blue.  As I aged my favorite color changed to midnight blue, then hot pink and then again to purple.  I used to love to eat yogurt, but it is a rare occasion that I consume it now.  I would not allow myself to taste coffee until I was in my mid-thirties and now it is a morning staple.  As a teenager I loved short haircuts; but as a seasoned woman I prefer hair that is more easily styled and maintained.

Statistics state that professional’s review and update their reference list at least once a year.  A yearly assessment is done to determine if the person is still in the position and in relationship with you to provide the best benefit for you going forward. 

If we can update our references annually we should also be comfortable updating our preferences.  We do not have to keep the same friends, hang out at the same locations, and eat at the same restaurants year after year.  It is OK to determine that you prefer some people, places and things more or less than you prefer others and more or less than you liked them at a certain point in time.  Perhaps the “nouns” in your life have changed and are no longer beneficial or bring satisfaction, but conceivably you are the one who has changed.  Nonetheless, permission is granted to promote your current preferences! Do it now because you cannot be sure when you will transform again!   

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