Look Again

The winter gives an allusion of barrenness.  From what we can determine with the natural eye it appears that nothing is growing which in our estimation equals infertility.  But there are many things occurring under the surface that “eyes hath not seen.”  In fact, winter is a very active season in the earth.  There is receiving, replenishing and replacing taking place.  The earth is renewing itself for another cycle of refreshing! So it is with us.  We go through seemingly unproductive times, but if you are in that season currently, understand there is production going on and the results will show soon!  Truthfully, the fact that you cannot see it indicates that God himself is working on it. How exciting!

In our neck of the woods spring is coming into its own.  Each day there are changes and it appears that the movement is nonstop!   Currently buds are popping up on bushes and trees and diversities of bright colors of pink, white, yellow and green are on full display.  From morning to evening revolution is in the works. Another day brings the promise of continued growth and advancement.  The longevity of the day allows for increased development and activity. It seems the earth has awakened; however, it was never asleep- you were!We tend to draw conclusions based on our observation and our observations are often inappropriate based on improper perceptions.   The humanity in us causes us to be sensory led; therefore, if we cannot see, feel, smell, touch or taste it we do not believe it is a reality.  When we maneuver according to the senses we eliminate the spirit; consequently, completely discounting the work of God!

Thankfully, God knows us and gives us buds so that we understand that He is activated in the midst of us! Buds show us that a work has begun, but they must develop!  

Frequently we are so excited to see something new that we harvest before it is ready and start running.  Confusing the bud with the finish product discontinues expansion. We repeatedly hamper improvement because we fail to appreciate the bud as a sign of what is to come and enjoy the process of blooming.  

It is Gods will that we blossom into an ample flower giving glory to Him with our grandeur and splendor.  As a flower we provide nectar and pollen that feed and nourish entire communities (bees) and are able to be spread and reproduced.  As a blossom we are blessed and a blessing! 

It is time to wake up, open our eyes and look again.

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