You are the Answer

Usually in a blog post I write inclusively; therefore, most statements begin with “we”.  But this word is direct to each reader! 

You, yes you are called to be the answer for someone in your circle of life.  I know this simply because you are made in the image and after the likeness of God.  You are a part of the body of Christ.  Christ is the answer to the world and as his body you are strategically placed to represent Him and be an answer to those in need.  

God always places around us what we need.  In fact, He is the supplier of our need.  When you are an answer what you need is a problem!  Stop trying to run away from problems.  Stop avoiding people who “have issues”, do not push away folks deemed as “problematic”.  They keep coming into your scope of influence, hanging around your door, looking in your window because you are an answer! 

In Math the question is asked of what is the response of two or more quotients added, subtracted, multiplied or divided.  In technology a query is inserted to bring back a response.  In parenting an answer is the reaction to a diversity of inquiries, statements and/or concerns. In general life an answer is:

Awareness of Situational Gravity – You must be knowledgeable of the weightiness of the problem.  There is no need to try to lessen its magnitude and enormity.  Just know that it is big, but not bigger than you.  It cannot overwhelm, overtake or overcome you!  You are the answer!  

Needful negotiation –There are times when the solution will come through concession, other times through intercession, compromise or cooperation. You are the answer! 

Solid Conclusions – Firm decisions fix matters and disputes.  Not everyone will like the decision that is made.  Some will conclude that it is bias or unfair because it does not mimic what they would do or the result is not to their penchant, but remember You are the answer!

Willful Execution- You must act on the decision made with purpose and on purpose.  Let nothing deter you.  You are the answer! 

Educating your community – Take the time to instruct, inform and edify those in your circle.  You are the answer! 

Resolute completion – Do not stop until the last “I” is dotted and “t” is crossed.  The answer is the completion of one thing and the beginning to another.  You are the answer! 

You are the solution someone has been up all night wondering about, the conclusion of a thing, the “I have finally come to the bottom of this”, perhaps a “yes” or a “no”.  Stand strong in who God has made and purposed you to be. Be the light to a darkened world, why? Because you are an answer! 


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