I See You – Mother’s Day Poem

I see you smiling over your sleeping child

I see you crying wondering if it is even worthwhile

I see you pacing in the darkness of night

I see you holding your hurting child tight

I see you praying saying “God you must come through”

I see you letting go telling Him “I give it all to you”

I see you laughing and filled up with joy at the smallest achievement of your girl and boy

I see you wondering if you said the right thing

Knowing the chaos and trouble life brings

I see you hoping their decisions will be great

I see you wanting to see them elevate

I see the tears fall as you give them away

Praying they excel at life each and every day

I see your happiness as you see them reproduce

I see your pride as they give you your due

I see you planning to leave an inheritance

I see your continued support as you dance your last dance

I see you Mother from the start to the end

Know that I’ve been watching and supporting like a friend

I’ll never leave you or forsake you

I’m here through your happiness, hurt, joy and pain too

I’ll love you forever into eternity

Always remember to put your trust in me! 

Because I see you

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