Calling Out The Cowards Part 2

If you are willing to admit it there is probably a situation or two that you think twice about jumping in full tilt! Not because it was not logical or sensible, but because you were afraid.  

Fear confronts all of us at some point.  It is bold enough to come right up to your front porch and knock loudly!  Often we forget that Fear is not a part of the package that God gave us.  He gave us power, love and a sound mind or self-control.  This means that fear can be rejected. You do not have to open the door.  You can turn around and sit back down on your loveseat and relax.  Tell fear what my former neighbor Joseph Wheeler used to say “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in”.  

If you have already invited Fear in then it is time to Call it out and then Kick it out.   Fear will argue with you and say “I was cordial, I never caused a raucous.  I kept you company and consider myself a good acquaintance. “But you must advise that “the relationship is over!”  Tell Fear to give you the keys and “put one foot in front of the other” until it is on the outside looking in again. 

It is time for you to walk in the authority that you have in Jesus Christ.  At his name demons tremble. [i] You are heirs and joint heirs with Christ. [ii]  And you have the power of heaven backing you.  What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  [iii]  When you understand the rights you have you recognize that fear is an intruder and trespasser.  

When we truly accept our position in Christ we apprehend there is nothing to fear.  That are Father has everything in control and that all things operate on his agenda and in his timing.  We also understand that the enemy uses false threats that will never transpire or materialize.  You finally recognized that all the time you spent with Fear was a waste. 

I must warn you.  Fear is homeless and always looking for rest so it will reappear.  Do not give a moment listening to the story.  You must see Fear as a tool and tactic of your enemy.  Know that you have the reaction for that issue as well. “Resist the enemy and he will flee[iv].”

Call the Cowardice spirit out and then Kick it out.  Move forward and never look back. Fill your time with Fear’s arch enemy and greatest nemesis, Courage.  You will soon find that Courage is a better acquaintance.  Courage will have you doing things and going places you never dreamed possible.  There will never be a dull moment once you let it in.  Courage will change your life for the better.  Are you ready? 


[i] James 2:19

[ii] Romans 8:17

[iii] Matthew 18:18

[iv] James 4:7

3 thoughts on “Calling Out The Cowards Part 2

  1. Such a mighty word! I will have to use that saying from your neighbor “I hear you knocking but you can’t come in”. The enemy has used fear to keep me bound but as you said I will fill my time with the arch enemy of fear which is courage!

  2. Yes I Am !!! Thank you for this needed inspiration !!! 🙌🏾👏🏽🙌🏾

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