Kicking Out The Kings

We live in a democracy in the United States, yet many of us have kings set up in our lives.  Kings are supreme rulers who exercise government or dominion over a region or group of people, places and things.  In our lives we set up domains and allow certain things to become monarchs. 

There may have been an experience that left you fearful such as falling off a sled as a child.  When you fell you encountered the extreme cold of snow and what you called “frostbite” (that actually was not) and now you refuse to do any outside winter activity because you have allowed Fear to become a king in your life. 

Or the time when you were head over heels in love and thought it would last forever and they woke up one day and told you it was over so you go around saying “all men/women are dogs” and are skeptical about other people’s relationships because you have allowed Bitterness to become a King in your life.

You may have experienced a tumultuous child hood where nothing was stable.  You moved from one place to another or from one parent to another and never had a sense of security so you look for rowdy situations because if it isn’t raucous or disorderly “it just doesn’t seem right” because you have allowed Confusion to become a King in your life.

Well I am here to tell you it is time for a coup! A coup is a sudden, violent, and “illegal” seizure of power from a government.  In your case it will seem “illegal” because it has been the norm for so long; however, you always reserve the right to make changes in your life for the better. 

No coup is ever successful without a strategy and plan to move forward. 

First you have to block the movement of the kings.  In the game of chess the king can move in any direction, including diagonally, to any adjacent square.  You must restrict the king’s ability to move in any area of your mind, will or emotion.  You must set boundaries so that Fear, Bitterness, Confusion, etc. is not “free to roam around” in you. 

Next you must surround the negative emotions that come with the Kings that have ruled in your life and tell them to “come out with their hands up!” Because there are new rulers in you that are prepared to sit on the throne.

Then you kick them out and sentence them to death.  It is important to execute quick judgement and implementation of penalty because they will definitely want an appeal.

Once you have kicked out those kings allow the things that come natural, love and goodness to reign in you.  Receive the gift of peace and live your new life filled with gratitude.  


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