Commitment Keeping

Making a commitment seems easy.

In some cases the action of it is stating words, while in other cases it is placing your signature on a document.  But the fulfillment of the promise takes more time and effort than making the pledge itself.  

Some commitments may be for a day, week, month or year; while others are for a lifetime.  Some take small efforts while others require tedious work and brain power.  The differences between commitments are diverse; however all commitments take confidence.  

First things first, if you are not sure you can satisfy the obligation than why sign up for it? Do not start a process that you are not assured that with the right exertion of energy and resources can be brought to fruition.  

Secondly, if you have signed up for something that you are not sure you can execute please take a moment to evaluate the why. 

Are you tired from the work necessary to move the project, relationship, work assignment along? If so, and if feasible, you should consider taking a break.  During the break you should take a moment to reevaluate where you are in the process and if you can or should refocus your effort on a different area of the project. If the timeline is flexible consider revamping the schedule for more suitability.  In a relationship consider having a conversation regarding expectations of your spouse to see if you have placed unnecessary obligations on yourself based on your idea of your role.  

Have you lost your excitement?  If so, please understand that it is completely normal.  Psychologist will tell you that the passion phase last between 18 months and three years in a relationship and shorter time frames for a project or job.

My advice is to briefly reminence about the moment you heard of the project, or got the new job, or met your spouse for the first time and think about what made you desire to be in a relationship with it.  What about it had you thinking of endless possibilites of how you being involved would enhance it? Looking back on your reason and reviving the feeling gives you a new starting place to work from again.

Are you overwhelmed with the work or the amount of roadblocks you have encountered? Join the club.  Most projects and or relationships will encounter a blockage.  Some roadblocks come from external sources while others are internal.  The internal you can and must control.  Deal with adverse emotions that slow you down and try to deter you.  Fix the issues that are known so you can move along swiftly.  While some external barricades can be anticipated all cannot be planned for. Therefore, it is important to understand the potentials for both and then deal with each obstacle as it is encountered.  

Rest is important, and should be implemented on a regular  cycle, but should become all encompassing .  It is beneficial to be active and motivated to move forward.  

When you return from your break you should be revitalized; so jump back in with renewed passion and increased wisdom. Do not tell yourself you need to ease back in.  You are refreshed and energized so now is the best time to dive in deep and conquer the things that had you bound. 

Commit to keeping your commitments.  Conquer your doubts and fears and tackle the complications. The benefits are always bigger and better than the trial.  Be encouraged and keeping pushing.  The reward will move you onto the best!

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