Things to Know Before You Face the World

Your Worth

It sounds cliché’ but it is vitally important for you to know your value before you walk out the door.  When you understand your worth no one else can put a value on you.  Marketers know that the more exclusive something the greater the revenue it can produce. This is why they use phrases like limited availabilityand one-of a kind so that you come swiftly and willing to “pay the price” for the selected item.   You must know that you are an irreplaceable, original masterpiece of the likes the world has never known and will never know again.  

No one will ever display your DNA, eye print, lip print, fingerprint, or scent. You are so unique that your biometric markings can be used to identify you from a lineup of over 7 billion people. 

Your individuality makes you rare and exotic. You literally stand in a class all by yourself.

You should be armed and dangerous with just this information, but I will add that you were set aside for God’s purpose before you were formed in your mother’s womb according to Jeremiah 1:5.  You are something special! 

Being intimate with this knowledge will make you stand tall and strut.  When you know how exceptional you are there is nothing and nobody who should intimidate you or make you feel inferior.  Own your exclusivity and walk with your head held high. Your maker sees your significance.  You were worth so much to him that He gave his only son to redeem you back to Himself. 

Your value is heavenly so don’t let anyone that is not currently sitting on a throne disparage you.  Let this knowledge penetrate your spirit and regulate your soul.  

The day is coming. Stop weeping over past thoughts and misunderstandings about your worth.  Face the world eloquently and cognizant that you are priceless.

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