Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 4

You are Loved 

Love is an amazing thing. It is described as an intense feeling of deep affection. But anyone who has ever experienced it knows that real love is hard to put into words.  What is not hard to put into words is the strength of love.  Song of Solomon tells us that “many rivers cannot quench love”.  And in beautiful speech God tells us how profound and robust is love is for us throughout the scriptures.  The love of God was proved to be so full and encompassing to the Apostle Paul that it he declared full confidence that there is absolutely no thing that could detach us from His great love.  

There is nothing so wrong that we can do that will cause a disconnection, stoppage or interruption.  Even when we stop loving Him, He cannot be deterred.  

The love between the Creator and his creation is called Agape.  It is a universal, unconditional love that surpasses and perseveres regardless of context, framework, or incident.  His love transcends feelings, passions, desire and sentiments and is simply just because I do and I want to.   It does not take account of anyone else’s opinion, judgement or ideas.  There is no reason that can add validity to why or why not.  He simply feels the way He does about what He made and no one can change His mind or His will.  

To be loved by man feels good, but to be loved by God is astonishing! There are no lyrics that can describe what this love provides to the recipient.  It is simply astounding! Not breathtaking, but breathgiving! 

From the first breath that He breathed into man that caused us to become living beings to the breath that over 700 billion people inhale and exhale daily His love persist.  Through the good, bad and ugly He stands with outstretched arms and open heart towards us! 

To understand the heights and depths of His love for us will take an eternity, but just to know it is ALL yours is enough to face the day! Knowing that you will always be loved by the almighty God should energize you and propel you toward your purpose.  Close the door behind you and see what God has prepared for today!

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