Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 5

You have 1 job – Trust Him

Jesus said, “Be not afraid, only believe” (Mark 5 v. 36).  

Believing is critical to God.  It is the fundament of receiving salvation, or for that matter, anything from God.  Hebrews 11:6 tells us “And without faith it is impossible to please Him. For the one coming-to God must believe that He is, and He becomes the rewarder to the ones seeking Him out.”   

We serve a God who fights battles for us, blocks us from weaponry that is formed against us, provides us with goodness, commands blessings, empowers us to succeed, and loves us without condition.  He is our provider, sustainer, way maker, deliver, healer and so much more.  He gives us peace that exceeds our human consideration and joy that we cannot put into words! He offers wisdom and counsel and gives assurances that He will never abandon us.  He is all powerful and almighty yet full of gentleness and temperance.  He is and does so much for us yet all He ask of us is to believe, to trust Him.

Trusting Him means removing our own thoughts, standards and tactics from the equation.  Our calculations do not work like His.  Why? Because we do not know the God factor.  Remember in Algebra when you were looking for the unknown variable (n +7×3) = 29? God is the unknown in our equation.  We do not know how He is going to work a situation out, but we know that He will.  We do not know when our situation is going to change, we just know it will!  He has means beyond what we have knowledge of or can even fathom.  He is a miracle worker! A miracle is an event not explainable by natural or scientific laws.  It is an extraordinary happening manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.  Miracles cannot be explained but they require ultimate trust. 

Before you leave your house relax in the knowledge that you just have one job.  Your only requirement in the success of your day is to trust the one who can be described as “Well able”!  Face the day with ultimate confidence knowing that God has your back and will bring into fruition what He began in your day! 

2 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know Before You Face the World Part 5

  1. Awesome series. Keeping these thoughts in mind each day will help you to go through life with joy and peace.
    Thanks for the series.


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