You Are Not for Everyone! 

This revelation will revolutionize your life once attained in your conscience.  When this is comprehended both your outlook and outcome will be different.  

How does the understanding of a simple phrase change so much?  I’m glad you asked.

1.       The first thing to comprehend is that You are His! You were made in Gods image and after His likeness.  You were made for His purpose alone. He designed you specifically and intentionally and placed you in the earth for a precise time.  He is jealous for you and has no intention on sharing your purpose with anyone else.  He wants all of you all the time.  He wants your praise, worship and adoration! 

The truth is we all have our personal preference.  We have our favorite colors, our favorite type of cuisine, and our favorite brand of shoe.  When we choose a favorite it can be for a variety of reasons.  It is not always because we believe that it is the best brand or the cutest, but we still have an inclination towards it.  Baskin Robbins boast 32 flavors of Ice Cream and my preference happens to be Pecans Praline & Cream.  My husband prefers Cookies and Cream.  It is important to wrap you head around the fact that you are not everyone’s flavor.  They may not like how you look or what you are made of, but it is OK.  Because they are not your maker. They have no idea why you were put together the way you were or who you were put here to affect. 

When you learn to be fine with not receiving approval from everyone you encounter your life becomes less demanding.  

Meeting the demands of others will wear you out.  You cannot please all the people even some of the time and you cannot please some of the people all of the time.  People evolve and their expectations change.  There is no way to even attempt to keep up so do not try! 



2.       You have to live with you so you must be satisfied with yourself.  No matter who else accompanies you in life’s journey when you wake up in the morning it is your own conscious that you are greeted by.  My grandmother always said “you take you wherever you go”.  In other words it is your thoughts, decisions, actions that will determine how situations, conditions and experiences line up or collapse around you.  In the last moments of life it will be your life alone that you will reflect on to determine if it was well lived. 

For these reasons and more you must use your time to perfect you.  We all have flaws and areas of improvement.  Perhaps you would like to improve your communication skills, or maybe your outward appearance, or maybe you believe learning to play an instrument can enhance your life.  Whatever it is, do it!  Time will not stand still.  While you are busy trying to meet another man’s desires you are wasting precious moments. 


Everyone is not for you, and you do the most detriment to yourself by not being for you!  Don’t join in with the outliers.  You become your biggest supporter, cheerleader and advocate. 

Cheer yourself on daily to a lifetime of victory! 

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