How to Achieve Part 1 

We all want to reach high, complete what we started, and accomplish our goals.

In order to accomplish any objective we must have Strategy, Empowerment and Determination.

We must have a plan and procedures to get to the end goal.  We also must receive authorization; enablement or consent to get moving towards the goal. Lastly, the resolve and fortitude to make it to the finish line.

These things may seem major, but you have been successful in these areas before which means you can do it again!  How do I know?  If you have completed high school, work a job, are raising a family you’ve done it before!  They all take strategy, empowerment and determination.

We often allow failures to override the many accomplishments in our lives.  But the truth is we all bomb from time to time.  We start on a trajectory and take a sudden nose dive. But we cannot let it stop us!

True failure is not getting back up after you’ve been down.

We must continue to improve our strategy!  Learn from the mistakes.  Redevelop, recraft, re-do until you find a way that works perfectly! 

Know that you are authorized on your own accord to do big things in the world. Don’t wait for anyone else to inform you, accept you or approve of you!  The fact that you are alive, and headed in the right direction is enough!  Do not let anyone talk you down or out of your vision.  

Stay determined! Do you know Colonel Harland Sanders?  Of Kentucky?  Of Fried Chicken? He started selling chicken at thecage of 40 but his dream of a restaurant was turned down many times due to conflicts and wars. Later he attempted to franchise his restaurant. His recipe was rejected 1,009 times before the final approval. And soon the secret recipe, “Kentucky Fried Chicken” became a huge hit worldwide. KFC was expanded globally and the company was sold for 2 million dollars and his face is still celebrated in the logos. Determination drives your dream forward!

Being tactical, knowing that you have the right to go after your dreams and possessing the willpower will get you to your expected end! Don’t stop!


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