How to Achieve Part 2

In order to achieve you cannot be:  

·         Afraid to let go/leave what’s old – If you don’t GO, you can’t be great!

Jocelyn Murray says “Familiarity makes the lion more dangerous.” This means when you are close to a situation or comfortable you don’t recognize the attack when it’s been launched. You become relaxed to your own detriment. 

Just like you had to let go of your parents hand to walk on your own, how you removed the training wheels to ride the bike that would take you further, and how you left elementary to attend, middle school, to junior high and then to high school.  We move on from the old.  That is what graduating is all about and you should never stop!

·         Attached to the old – Always focus forward.  Old can be good, but greatness is ahead of you.  Don’t let your devotion to what is keep you from the world of opportunities awaiting ahead!  Breaking away yields freedom and chances for what is different and for increase.   

·         Available to the old – Learning to say “No” to nouns (people, places and things) can be difficult but one of the best lessons learned for success! When nouns refuse to move forward their goal is to keep you with them.  “Misery loves company”.  Refuse to be accessible to those who have chosen to stay. Remain dedicated to what lies ahead.  If you are busy moving forward the “no” becomes easier. 

In order to achieve You must:

·         Accept what is new – The one constant thing in life is change. Seasons change and so do people. The worse thing to do is get stuck in a time and space when the season has moved on.  Winter hats and boots would make you miserable in the summer in the same way a bikini or trunks would not be beneficial in the winter. The old just does not work in the new place.  So unpack and settle down in the new.  Consent to explore different sites, sounds and surroundings.  To learn everything you can and do well!

·         Agree to go forward to the new.  

New beginnings await you.  Each day brings a potential new start.  There will always be people who will try to make you turn away from your decision to do more, do better, and be great! Don’t let their voices be louder than your dream!

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