Release Yourself

RELIEF comes to your life when you RELEASE yourself from other peoples Expectations, Needs and Desires!

While it is important to find balance and serving humanity is honorable you must also take the time to focus on self. You can be no good to your fellowman if you are “in your feelings”, upset, tired and not doing well physically.

Let go of what your family, your community, school system or friends want you to be and do some self reflection to determine what you expect of you!

Have you set goals for your year? Do you have plans and processes set up to meet these goals? Have you thought about what is best for you in the next 5 years and what needs to occur to get you there? Whether it’s financial, health, body or emotional wellness be encouraged to set expectations and then with all you have go after them!

We all have needs. In fact in psychology we learn about Maslow’s hierarchy that includes Physiological, Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self Actualization. These categories can be broken down further to include our individual needs. We all have something that we determine to be a requirement and obligatory in our lives. Don’t make it a regular habit to neglect your needs to meet some one else’s. If you do You will eventually become bankrupt and have nothing left for them or you, and they will move on to find another source to withdraw from and you remain empty.

It is important to dream and chase what you desire! The chase develops stamina and fortitude. It allows for lessons learned and success stories and provides the fuel to keep pushing forward. Don’t let another’s dreams put yours to sleep!

RELEASE yourself and find the RELIEF you need to get RESULTS! Are you READY?

6 thoughts on “Release Yourself

  1. Great word! We have to follow our own God designed passions in order to fulfill and manifest what he has placed in side of us. I love the reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is such a great concept when analyzing job/life satisfaction

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