Hidden Figures No More

Some would love to keep our figures hidden

From the shaming of Serena

To the deficiency of lessons on black history given


Have you heard of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street?

Greenwood they called it 

It was our town –we were the elite


They came to destroy, dropped bombs 

Shot guns and reigned fear through the area

35 blocks burned to the ground

Over 300 African Americans killed

And who says America doesn’t breed its own terrorist?


If we are all equal why not celebrate our accomplishments

Why not give us the same opportunities and stop putting up obstacles

2.7 million dollars of claims denied

No justice provided and 100 years later we are still divided


History is not repeating itself 

It’s not really changed 

Just kept under hood but it’s still the same


Seen in the policies and unfairness that continues

Seen when you see me in public and won’t share a menu

Seen when you throw away my resume for my name

Seen because your lack of tolerance won’t be tamed. 


You will need to convince me your smile is not just you faking to seem politically correct

Or is it really true ignorance of other ethnicities passed down from generations of no respect 

We are on the rise and coming into view

Our light is shining 

Oh I thought you knew


All that is done in darkness will come to light

Our figures are breaking out of the shadows

Oh such a beautiful sight


So many shapes and sizes and various shades of brown

We’re moving into view 

Cause “you can’t keep a good man down”. 

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