How to Work Through the Monday Blues

If you are totally honest you will admit that Monday brings with it some baggage. Not just from the weekend but from many Monday’s past.  

Moving on from a couple days of no set schedule seems as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest. The alarm’s buzzing sounds as distressing as an ambulance speeding past you in traffic and pulling the comforter off is comparable to attempting to dig your way out of an avalanche. 

Please know you are not alone.  Most of us have the Monday morning blues; so here are a few tips on How to Work Through the Monday Blues successfully.

#1 Agree – Agreement causes things to come together.  It brings merger and supports unity.  Yes, it is not your favorite day, but it is necessary to get through it to get to days that are more congenial to you.  Acknowledge your feelings, but agree that Monday will get the best of you.  That Monday deserves all of what you have to give.  We must also agree that if Monday does not receive the best from us that Tuesday will be a sad day as well. 

#2 Focus – Once you get out of the bed and get your cup of joe you start feeling like a human again. It is now time to gather your negative thoughts and feelings and put them in the trash.  You cannot successfully engage Monday holding onto your sour disposition about coming into the structure that will regulate your week. 

The fact is that you cannot live successfully without structure.  And Monday brings it to the forefront each week.  The quicker you embrace the outline and pattern of Monday mornings the easier it is to flow in the output of success.  Do not let a lack of focus keep you from the blessings meant for your day! 

#3 Engage – Do not allow Monday to come and walk all over you.  Step up and get involved.  Treat Monday like a bull and grab it by its horns.  Everything is able to be subdued including your Monday blues.   Focus on all of the items that need to be checked off and work towards completion.  Participate in activities that keep you advancing and rising.  

Everything in life is about perception.  Do not get lost in the blurred vision of the start of the day.   Scrub the crumbs out of your eyes, use some eye drops if necessary and become fixated on the greatness of the potential before you.

Do not succumb to the sadness of the end of the weekend.  Decide to be enthusiastic about the beginning of a new week full of opportunity! 

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