Becoming a Mountain Handler

I recently drove from Phoenix, Arizona to Sedona, Arizona to view the breathtaking red rock formations that stand so majestically against the backdrop of cloud infused blue skies. 

During the hour and forty-five minute drive I took photographs and videos of the changing terrain and marveled at the colors, shapes and sizes of the various bushes, boulders and cacti. 

A few miles out we were able to see the rock formations in the distance.  They were large, magnificent and could be described as regal.  When we got out and stood closer their beauty was stunning and awe-inspiring.  It was at that moment I decided to snap a photo of me “holding the mountain” to remind myself that it is all about perspective.   

You can allow the mountain to be overpowering, defeating, consuming, crushing or uncontrollable or you can see yourself conquering it and standing on top of it as a victor.  You can see it as a thing of beauty or a monster.  You can see it as a stepping stone to climb up to greater heights or see it as a towering force meant to keep you from rising.  You can see it as something you can hold or something that holds you down. 

We all stand in different spaces and elevations at various times.  The thing that differentiates the winners from the losers is their perspective. It is not the size of the formation but how you see yourself in relation to it.  

I challenge you to look through a different lens.  Don’t accept everything that they say about the situation.  Understand that you will always be defeated if you do not try! See yourself as a winner, the champion, the front runner and defeater.  See the mountain as conquerable! See the situation as fixed, tamed and complete.  Become a mountain handler! 

3 thoughts on “Becoming a Mountain Handler

  1. What amazes me about the west is even the valleys are at a higher elevation than the mountains in the east. Our perception of the situation will often alter our view of our standing. Thanks for a solid, perceptive word.

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