Status Bar

When software developers add a status bar to an application it is meant to be a sign to the user that the application has received your request and is working to provide the result requested.  The goal is to indicate progress and provide the current state of movement.  

Because we have become so impatient what is meant to be a notice of what is to come becomes an annoyance causing aggravation and disgruntlement.

How many times has the status bar either ticked around in a circle or slowly progressed across the screen to your dismay?  When did we become a society that cannot wait?  A people who cannot find joy in the journey? Who hates the process? 

If you are privy to the backside of an application you understand that thousands upon thousands upon thousands of lines of codes are running in the background working together to produce the visual and moving parts of the application.  When you understand all that is operating to get you to your expectation you recognize that it takes time and that tolerance is warranted. 

The same is applicable to our lives.  We have to allow the process to work fully before becoming frustrated.  The old adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” encourages us to allow time for development and growth understanding that each part of the procedure is as important as the next in fact they are dependent on the next.  

Instead of allowing frustration to take over while you wait use the waiting time to plan for execution once the application, portal or door has been opened.  Allow the status bar to function as it was intended and let it be the countdown to your next move. 

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