Keeping Your Soul Whole

You cannot expect great things from people who do not have great expectations!

So often we fall into this trap and find ourselves disappointed or in despair because once again we wanted to “give them the benefit of the doubt”.

When there is doubt we must explore the reason why? Have you been burned by this person before? Do they have a pattern of not following through? Have they conducted themselves unprofessionally in the past? Have they failed to meet deadlines or keep a schedule? If so, they have proven they are not reliable so why continue to rely on them?

Desperation will drive you to do things you know you should not, go places that may cause you harm and engage with people you know are not good for you. So never let yourself get desperate!

Plan in advance. Explore your options and build in your schedule. There is always a possibility of an interruption or delay so make that a part of the agenda.

Do not count on nouns (people, places or things) that have showed you they are not dependable or responsible in the past. They are not ready to change and have shown you “their spots”. So branch out and try something or someone new!

It is our responsibility to make sure we are making the most of each situation and keeping our souls at peace. Therefore we must not spend time with time wasters! And we cannot expect great things from those who do not have great expectations!

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