In most social media apps you will find a plethora of filters.  Filters are used by the individual to get the desired look for the moment to present a view of themselves to their followers, friends, etc.  

When something is filtered it has passed through a device to remove unwanted materials.  In the age where everyone is “keeping it real” it amazes me that we rarely present an unfiltered view of ourselves to our social community. 

We have bought into a catchphrase made up by someone who decided not to grow up and feel as if we must show the world that “50” is the new “30” and “40 is the new “20” instead of owning all of the years of goodness, toil, love and disgust, effort and recreation that went into us becoming the current version of ourselves.  

I was recently asked if I would like to go back to age 15.  My immediate answer was “No”.  At fifteen I had no wisdom, had learned zero life lessons and had no knowledge of the world outside of my small town.

In the three decades past 15 I have learned how to be a partner, how to be a mother, how to love unconditionally.  I learned how to say “no” and how to surrender my will.  I learned to trust my God and my instinct.  I learned how to deal with my peers and how to end a crisis.  I learned to choose battles wisely and how to be an advocate.  I’ve dealt with loss on many levels. I’ve seen folks come and go.  My heart has been broken, twisted, and restored.  I have thought I could not make it another day and lived through it.  I have felt pain both emotional and physical and I have recovered.  I have been lied on and to, cheated and wronged but I can look back and say it was good.  This is what living entails and I own the place I am in life. 

The fine lines and the grey hair that are popping up around my temple is an indication that I have lived.  When you see it you recognize that I have wisdom that only living can bring and because I own it I can give it freely.  I choose to live unfiltered. 

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