It’s Time to Move on 

It is vitally important to understand when it is time to move on.  This significant space is hard to negotiate because for some reason we do not like endings.  

Endings have gained a bad connotation perhaps because that some endings have finality attached. However, they are a constant in life and should be embraced as a part of its cycle. 

The end of a season always transports us to the start of a new one as seasons are part of a steady sequence in the earth.  We can complain, protest, become anxious and wish for it not to change, but we cannot stop the revolution.  Therefore, it befits us to plan accordingly for what is ahead.  In the winter it is necessary to pull out coats, gloves and boots. We change our tires to snow tires and winterize our homes, but in the spring we pack those things away and pull out our raincoats and umbrellas and get the plow and tiller to prepare for planting.  In the summer we enjoy the warmth of the sun, the wetness of the water and the coolness of the air conditioning, but we are also busy pulling weeds and protecting ourselves against insects.  When autumn arrives we prepare for harvest and enjoy the fruit of labor, yet we also take in the cushions from the outside furniture to store because winter is on its way.  

It is intriguing to me that we are professionals at knowing what to do at the ending of a natural season and how to prepare for the adjustments to come but are always perplexed in first recognizing a transition in our lives and secondly knowing what to do.

Just like the summer breeze turns cool and the plants go from green to various colors of the spectrum indicating summer is ending and autumn is on its heels there are signs that point towards the transition coming in your life.  The difference is we think we have control and to some extent we do. 

We have the ability to not move and not prepare. We can reside in the old place but eventually it will spit us out.  

Most of the time when someone is fired it is because you were no longer in your season.  The symptoms show in your disinterest, lack of enthusiasm, non-production or deficiency of attendance.  The effect is being fired. This happens in relationships of all sorts.  You stay because you’re used to it, it provides a sense of stability or perhaps you are being “responsible”.  Then, your misery bleeds onto the other person until they are covered and can no longer live with it and finally decides to leave you and you’re left wondering “where do I go from here”? 

Know that transitions are inevitable. They are a part of the progression of life.  Expect and embrace them.  Be prepared as much as possible for the new thing. This starts with having a mind fixed on accepting the new thing that comes into your life while building on the lessons learned.  

Understand that each day comes to a close, but if we are fortunate enough to wake up again the new day comes with opportunity, mercy and benefits. Refuse to stay in yesterday, it is time to move on! 

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