Your Piece of the Puzzle

Please do not allow one aspect of your life to control you. Life is not one dimensional and should not be lived that way.

When you arrive on the earth you are already a part of a legacy, someone else’s story and a piece of their puzzle.

We get it wrong when we do not recognize that our puzzle piece 🧩 fits into multiple puzzles.

Your family is the first puzzle that you fit in. You can be inserted in many roles such as daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece or cousin. But this is just the beginning. It does not take long before you realize you are part of another puzzle when you get to know your neighbors and form partnerships and a sense of community.

School is yet another series of puzzles that you will insert your piece to bring completion. You become a student, a classmate, a study group pal and friend.

Next you become an employee, a team member, an associate, a fellow, a partner or colleague. This is yet another puzzle that you help complete.

At some point you may become a companion, spouse, a trusted ally to someone. Your insertion in their life will change it forever and open up new possibilities. This is why we can never underestimate our piece!

You must view your life holistically. You may not have a “high power” job, but it is a job that is necessary to make the organization run smoothly (if not they would eliminate the position). You may be the listening ear and shoulder to a friend that “does not know how they would make it through the day without you.” In my role as wife and mother I was the executive assistant to the CEO. I kept things running smoothly. There is no part of the organization of my family that I have not touched. I was the Human Relations (HR) department and the Medical triage, etc.

Have you ever seen a puzzle with just one piece missing? The missing piece stands out like a gaping whole because the view is not finished or proper.

Stop looking in one area of life to determine your worth or value. Understand that you are intertwined on purpose to multiple puzzles and without your piece there are gaps that leave it incomplete.

Step back and look at the big picture of life. When you do you will understand there are many more puzzles along the path. Look ahead and do not be afraid to “get in where you fit in”.

One thought on “Your Piece of the Puzzle

  1. I so agree! I applaud the many ways you interpret life! I am not as articulate Therefore, I could not have stated it better 😅🙌🏾😅 thank you !

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