I believe that everyone who grew up with access to a park had the occasion to ride a see-saw.  It was one of my favorite “rides” at the park and seemed like such fun teetering up and down with a partner in the afternoon sun.  Often times when we were bored with going up and down we would attempt to attain balance.   It took stillness and moving your body to the right position to achieve a straight plank, but we did it.  

It is curious to me that this piece of equipment could be used for the purpose of bringing two people together to achieve balance.  It seemed so simple back then and might I add, fun; however, this same task seems to be close to impossible to accomplish as an adult. 

Balance is sought in companies, countries and kindred.  We all want to see a balance or stable economy while jobs work for values of a balance between work and home life.  Teachers attempt to maintain balance or fairness in the classroom while parents strive to have balance in the home.  Yet with laws written, policies produced and rules distributed we still fail to succeed in this area. 

In our nation we tend to make big swings of the pendulum.  In fashion we went from bell bottoms to skinny jeans.  With hairstyles we went from afros to relaxed and back to afros again.  We went from being conservatives to hippies to conservative and now anything goes.  We had standards that we went to war to uphold and bring freedom and liberties to other nations and now these standards no longer are held up in our own country.

We want it our way or no way.  We are at a place where it has to be left or right. There is no consideration of compromise.  We no longer negotiate and settle for a solution that works for all.  What we are missing is what we claim to seek – balance.  

On the see-saw this set-up leaves one person sitting on the bottom while the other is suspended in the air.  The person stuck in the air feet never touch the ground and they do not get to use their muscle. While the person on the bottom has to hold the weight of the person suspended in the air and both of them can only see one perspective.  

Balance brings us to equal ground.  Where both sides are using their weight to maintain.  When we are balanced I can tell you what I saw when I was up high and explain the good and bad of being in that position; likewise from the person who has been on the bottom.  Balance brings stability, consistency and strength.  

We medicate those who are chemically imbalanced so that they can live a normalized life yet our businesses, classrooms, offices and nation operate in a daily state of illness and we do nothing about it. Perhaps we should look back to when our days were less complex to find the solutions needed to bring about the changes that our essential to our solidity in our high tech, innovative world.  

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  1. I was going through my emails and saw this one was hiding amount the many unread things I wanted to delete. THANK GOD I noticed this before I did! Balance is a primary item to living abundantly!

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