What is right with the world?

With no hesitation or moments to think we can all shout a detailed list of “what is wrong with the world”. We have no problem describing how our political, religious, socio-economic, education, etc. systems are totally flawed. It is extremely rare to find a positive conversation when discussing the ills of our society with our neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

So, for the next few days l want to start a discussion about what is right with the world!

I will start with something extremely controversial and that is social media.

Social Media

I personally have a love hate relationship with it. I am active on Facebook and Instagram. I absolutely love the ability to connect with my friends and loved ones. I am able to see my family’s celebrations of weddings, graduations and births from thousands of miles away. I am blessed to see first day of school pictures and sports successes. I am able to share in the moments of life that would not be possible without it.

I have connected with friends from grade school and college, past co-workers and neighborhood playmates.  In fact, when I arrived at my 20thClass reunion I felt no big surprises because I am friends with most of the folks that were there and had vicariously met their spouses and children through Facebook.

My Instagram persona allows me to encourage and empower my “audience” through pictures and posters.  I also share advice and post from my personal life.  All of these things have worked for me.  But for others the social media venue has not worked out so well. 

There are some who have used this platform to find lost loves and old loves at the expense of their current marriage or relationships.  According to an online survey, approximately one in three divorces resulted from social media-related disagreements.  Another online poll advises that 31% of social media using teens say they have quarreled with a friend because of something that happened online or by text.  There have been physical altercations based on something mentioned on social media.   Some use it to spy on others and can rival a real life private investigator with their undercover skills. 

Every good thing can be used in the negative but overall, social media and its ability to connect billions of people around the world should be listed amongst what’s good in the world.

One thought on “What is right with the world?

  1. I too have a love hate relationship with social media. With all it’s ills I feel the good (in my circle of friends and encounters) far outweighed the bad.


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