What is Right with the World? Part 2


I have had my fair share of conversations about Millennials. They are a generation not so far from mine but yet so different in the way they think and approach situations. Most consider this to be negative but it is actually quite refreshing to see a grouping of society who are distinctively diverse and operate according to a point of view that crosses borders.

According to research millennials do not make as much as their parents did at their age; however, over 30% of millennials have started their own side business to generate more income.  They are a generation that are not afraid to connect, to branch out and do more. 

The Pew Research Center reports from a survey that millennials reported that their top three priorities were “being a good parent,” “having a successful marriage,” and “helping others in need.”  This precedence was and is on a decline in the preceding generations.   Millennials value the things that make our nation great!  

Millennials are givers and understand the blessing in giving of their time, money and energy.  An article from Danschawbel.com notes that 81% of millennials have donated money, objects, or volunteer time to causes they care about. With each donation our younger generation is making the communities they live in safer, valued and balanced.  

They are more concerned with having “experiences” over white picket fences, hardwood floors and luxury vehicles.  And although they have grown up with the revolution of the internet they are also supporters of “disconnecting” from all things technology from time to time to enjoy nature. 

Millennials are concerned with the world around them and embracing of the bigger picture than “my city, state and nation.” They see the world as one big family and enjoy gleaning from different cultures.

The next generation are a part of what is right with the world and can give us hope for the future.

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