What’s Right in the World? Part 3


I know that the 24 hour news cycle can be extremely draining.  It is draining because most of the reports are of bad news.  However, there is no time in history that we could know what is happening across the world in other countries and across time zones.  Whether you get information from the radio, internet sources such as YouTube or Google, or from the written press of magazines or newspaper there is no doubt that awareness makes the world both brighter and dimmer.  

We are going to concentrate on the brightness it brings.  

Awareness makes the world smaller which makes us more interlocked and in turn shines a light on suffering and inhumane conditions in our nation and around the world.  We are aware of what is afflicting our neighbors as well as our enemies which helps for us to strategize on how to help and also how to protect ourselves.  It also allows us a view of what brings joy to our brothers and sisters around the globe and gives us a front row seat to the beauty of the earth and more importantly in the earth.

Awareness provides insight to cultures whose ideals and ideas are very different from ours.  There are cultures who have rich history and vast knowledge of oils and herbs and spices for healing the body while the US is the largest pharmaceutical user in the world.  We also rank high in infant mortality and deaths my gun in contrast to other nations.  Being aware allows us to make assessments that would have not been possible 50 years ago.

Awareness should lead to action.  It is not good enough for it to just be additional information.  It should cause us to push for needed change.  It should cause us to pray for our world and do whatever we can to see real transformation.

I am often tempted to shut down news of any source but I am encouraged to “eat the meat and throw away the fat” in order to be conscious of what is going on around me so that I can be an agent of change! 

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