It’s Time to Move

Fall is a season of movement.  It is the time of year where a windy day can result in leaves flying across the highway and from your neighbor’s yard to yours.  It’s the time when the games  of  football and volleyball create the need for athletes to run, jump, reach, kick and dig.  Many who live in the northern regions of the U.S. try to get a final trip in for the year because when winter comes only necessary excursions will be taken.  At the end of the month of October children will be moving around their neighborhoods seeking candy and November brings movement to the homes of family and friends to give thanks and dine on a traditional meal of turkey and dressing or perhaps sweet potato or pumpkin pie.

But despite all of the wonderful things that cause us to move many choose the option to remain still.  You can choose to remain still and not move, but as in all things you must deal with the penalties of your choice. 

Remaining still will lead to stagnation and settling. Stagnation is immobility, non-productivity and inertia.  It causes you to become trapped and stifles your ability to progress. You will never evolve if you do not revolve. You must have some aspect of movement happening.  Your mind, body and spirit all need development in order to see transformation. Do not let stillness be an option in your equation.  

Remaining still leads to searching.  When you are still in body your mind tends to wonder.  Physical stillness does not mean mental tranquility.  The decision to remain sedentary causes your mind to go into two directions.  Either it spends time continuing to convince your body not to move or looking for an answer to justify your inactivity.  The search for justification will be easy because without movement you will not be stretched beyond what you know.  So the answer you seek will be something that suits your idea, expectations and experience level.  But you cannot develop this way! Which eventually leads to self-pity.

Self-pity is the eventual destination from the choice of stillness.   If you hear yourself stating “nothing ever goes right for me” or “I can’t get anything to pop!” or “It’s just not working!” then you want to go back and check your choices.  In order to improve you must be progressing.   It is not working because you are not working.

It is time to move.  When you get up and begin on the path set before you it begins the journey that leads to total satisfaction!

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