Stand Up and Stand Out

You are an original. You are one-of-a kind. Your uniquely wonderful yet you are sitting instead of standing. Why? Because when you sit you blend in with the crowd.

The speaker is the one who stands in a lecture, the preacher in a church, the conductor stands during a symphony while both the audience and the musicians sit in their seats. The crowd is one massive grouping, a blur, an assembly that is categorized.

We dress up to go to symphonies, graduations, plays, and concerts. I’ve spent hours of time figuring out what pieces of clothing to put together to complete my look. Then more time doing my hair and makeup. All of this only to sit in the audience and become a part of the crowd. The crowd that that appears as a collective body of the same. A batch, clumped together with everyone else who painstakingly took the time to look beautiful.

We take moments that belong to others to fix ourselves as if it is our moment to shine. But do not take the daily moments that we get to show the world our version of greatness!

Each day that we wake up we receive another moment to show the world around us (which is not always the world at large) a piece of our brilliance! But we mostly gather ourselves, get ready, leave our homes with the aim of just fitting in. Our goal being not “to make any waves”.

Who determined that this is the right way to approach our day? Why should we accept stillness, blandness, and colorlessness? Why do we have to jump on the bandwagon of those who are happy with being the audience or the musicians and not the conductor?

The other day while observing my house plants a noticed one of the leaves of a particular plant sticking straight up in the air. The rest of them were bent and leaning towards the ground. It refused to do what the others around it had decided was the right thing to do. It determined that it would stand up and therefore, stand out! I took notice of it not because it was the same (although it looked the same, green and long) but because it was doing the opposite of the crowd.

You will never be seen sitting in the crowd. It is time to stand up. It is only when you decide to do something differently that you will stand out and be heard!

3 thoughts on “Stand Up and Stand Out

  1. Awesome and inspiring I am learning how not to be self-conscious when not following the crowd ! Thank you for encouraging individualism

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