That’s Enough

“So long Mama, so long!  So long Mama, so long! So long Mama, so long! So long Mama, so long!” I will never forget my grandmother’s final goodbye to her mother before the casket closed.  The pain was tangible and the grief on her face was heartbreaking.  

My great grandmother, Lillian, was almost 96 years old when she passed and my grandmother in her 70’s at the time.  I wondered how she was so sorrowful.  She had 7 decades with her mother which is more than most.  But, what I have since learned is that the more time you have with someone or something that you love, the harder it is to let go!

My grandfather, Howard, comforted my grandmother in her emotional state and eventually told her, “That’s enough”.   She immediately quieted and leaned into his loving arms that comforted her for over 6 decades.   

Reflecting on that time in life I am compelled to think that each of us needs to tell some things that we have loved and held onto long term, “So Long”.  I am equally convinced that we need someone to tell us when we are lingering with indecision or have lamented too long, “that’s enough”. 

We tend to hold on to nouns (people, places and things) that were good to us, but their season will come to pass as well as the bad.  We cannot hold on when it’s time to move on.  We have to close the door, shut the lid and walk away. If we allow the nouns to linger they will eventually decompose and become toxic to us.  We must physically remove ourselves, but more importantly we must mentally detach.  The latter can be equally or perhaps tougher to accomplish.

That is when you heed the voice of a trusted advisor to tell you “that’s enough”.  These days we allow emotions to play out as long as we feel.  We do not give them eviction dates; therefore, they set up residence and force their way into the position of governor of our lives. 

Allow the voice of reason to speak as it comes to move you forward.  Tell the past So Long and walk into your future free of baggage! 

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