Commit to being a River

In my neck of the woods there are creeks, lakes and rivers. One of the most notable rivers, the Monongahela, runs north from West Virginia into Pennsylvania where it meets the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.

Besides their beauty and serenity, rivers bring so much to the areas where they exist.

Rivers provide food and recreation in the form of fishing. Many people enjoy fishing leisurely and for competition and for eating! (one of my favorite fish comes out of the river).

They are also a means for transporting goods and people for business and pleasure.

Rivers also provide drinking water and irrigation for crops and are also a home for many species.

Like the river you and I are full of resources. We have the potential to provide joy and happiness and produce supply to the areas we live.

Water is a symbol for life. It is necessary to sustain us and to cause us to flourish. We should commit to becoming a life source to others.

A word, a smile, a little bit of time, a helping hand once in a while are small things that make huge impacts. Allow these things to flow out of you freely and with passion, like a river.

4 thoughts on “Commit to being a River

  1. This blog reminded me of the old song the saints back home sang; “I’ve Got A River Of Life Flowing Out Of Me” I have prayed often for God’s Spirit to spring up in me like a well of living water. There are so many references to water that parallel God’s Spirit. This rich Word has blessed me today.


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