The morning commute is so routine that it becomes extremely familiar and very mundane.  Over time, you come to know every bend in the highway, every bump in the road, and the traffic patterns.  

This morning I started the journey and everything seemed the same as I drove past familiar landmarks and meditated on the changes in the season until suddenly I came upon a patch of fog.  Instantly I went from seeing for miles to being unable to see 20 feet ahead.  

The diminished ability to see around me did not deter me at all.  I kept driving along determined to get to my destination.  I felt comfortable moving ahead because I know the road so well.  Not once did I think of turning around or looking back.  I just kept moving forward. However, I did decrease the speed of the vehicle.  

As we motivate forward on our life journey we must be determined to get to our end point.  Determination is the force that causes us to push ahead even when we cannot see our way.  It gives us momentum to not give up or in, even when things appear cloudy.  

We can be sure that it is God’s plan that we make it to our expected end. So the surety of your journey has been set.  Do not allow what you see or cannot see be a hindrance! But do use wisdom as you plow forward. 

Determination should not preclude us from being patient.  Determination does not mean full speed ahead at all times! Determination must be tied to wisdom in order to finish whole.  It says that no matter what I will get there! Speed is not a determining factor. 

The fog that prevents you from seeing clearly ought not to keep you from plowing forward. Just like other obstacles it is temporary. Be determined and keep on moving forward!

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