Don’t Cheat the Moment

Different times bring with them varying messages. When I was young we were told to always have a Plan B, but the current message is there should only be one plan. Work it!

While I understanding the wisdom of looking forward and marking off dates and setting goals and having a contingency plan, I do believe that we can be too future minded.

My husband has been advising folks to “not cheat the moment” for some years now and I now understand the importance of this advice.

We can spend so much time in expectation of the things to come that we neglect the current days we are living in. We focus on a presumption about how we believe our lives will be and ignore what is happening today.

We believe for great joy in our future and miss the reasons to smile today!

Tomorrow may not come and what you do today creates your tomorrows so, don’t cheat the moment today. Enjoy the presence of the things in your present. Work hard, laugh loud and love completely today knowing that tomorrow will only be what you make it!

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